Do you have leadership ability?

Otis Baskin

One of the most daunting challenges of a new leader can be whether or not others perceive her/him as a leader.  This can be particularly true in a family business transition when other family members and company key executives see the next generation leader as “the boss’ son/daughter” or “our sibling/cousin that we used to play with in the sand box”.  The problem of perception is often more difficult for next generation leaders who have been excellent “second-in-command” executives.  The challenge of changing the perceptions of those you seek to lead can be daunting but one thing is certain – simply remaining the same is not likely to do the job.  When your role changes you probably need to change – but how? The first and most important change may surprise you – Listen More!  In a recent blog Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a well recognized expert in the field, argued that it is how well you listen rather than how well you talk that persuades people to do things.  Therefore, taking more time to listen to employees, executives and other family members may be the key to transforming the perceptions of others about your leadership ability.


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