About FBCG

Helping Family Businesses Prosper Across Generations

Predictable and natural tensions occur between a family and a business. These tensions can lead to conflict, slowed decision making, management issues and other challenges to business
continuity and family harmony.

We work with clients to manage this tension through a unified vision for the future, and providing structures and processes for effective ownership, management, governance and family systems.

Our Work
For over twenty years, The Family Business Consulting Group has worked with enterprising families around the world to achieve one common goal: protect the integrity of the family and the enterprise for future generations.

We do this by facilitating clarity and balance at the intersection of sensitive family issues and critical business decisions.

Our Team
Located across North America, our team of consultants is the largest and most experienced group of its kind, with deep educational and real-world expertise in disciplines like strategy, management,finance, governance, psychology, leadership development, communication, conflict resolution, succession planning, and family education.

We share a core belief that multi-generational family enterprises are precious and vitally important to the economies and social fabric of the world and deserve the best care and counsel.

Our Approach
We listen first. From our first conversation, we seek to thoroughly understand your business, your family, and your unique needs.

We focus on fit. Chemistry with a consultant is critical for success.

We recommend a consultant with the right expertise and the right approach for your family.

We begin with the end in mind. We plan for success and support your family until your goals are achieved.

We co-create solutions with you. Our collaboration throughout the process yields more engagement from the family and better, sustainable, long-term outcomes.

We take a multi-system view. To serve both family and enterprise, we consider all angles and all stakeholders as well as both short- and long-term impacts.

Let’s start a conversation.
To learn more about The Family Business Consulting Group and how we serve families like yours, call us at (773) 604-5005 or email us at info@thefbcg.com. There is absolutely no obligation.