Back to School for the Kids and the Family Business

Jennifer Pendergast
Jennifer Pendergast

As the nation’s children head back to school, many of us “grown ups” are reminded of our school days.  Some enjoyed their academic experience.  Others couldn’t wait to get out into the real world.  Regardless of your school experience, hopefully as you’ve grown older you’ve realized that learning is a never-ending pursuit, whether it be of the academic variety or the on-the-job variety.  For many businesses, back to school time coincides with budgeting time.   As you are developing your financial objectives for the year ahead, why not develop learning objectives as well?  They may be at the individual, company or even family level.  And, the objectives may be fulfilled in a variety of ways – attend a seminar, read a book, reach out to a colleague with expertise in a given area, hire a consultant. Creating the same discipline around managing your intellectual resources as you have around your financial resources should help to ensure that you, your business and your family will continue to grow.


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