Grandfather’s Rules

Norb Schwarz

When I was a young bank President, one of my close friends was the new superintendent of schools in our town. One day over lunch he shared his “Grandfather’s Rules for Managers” with me. Some of those rules have guided me through my career in management, and I would like to share some of them with you.


Do your homework.

Work hard — play hard.

Keep it simple.

Some things you just don’t see.

Be able to shift gears.

Keep your hand out of the till.

Don’t drink on the job.

Don’t do drugs, ever.

Fix the process, not the blame.

Confront rather than avoid.

Listen don’t just hear.

I would welcome hearing any “grandfather’s Rules” that have helped you in your career over the years.


One thought on “Grandfather’s Rules”

  1. I worked in the hotel business for my Grandfather for 20 years and whenever I would bring a great idea I had just learned from reading one of the trade journals, (you know one of those ideas that all the experts are saying you just have to have to stay in business) he would look at me with this puzzeled face and say “you can’t be everything to everybody, just do what we do and do it better than everyone else”. At the time I thought I knew everything and just knew that this thinking would be the end of us. However, my Grandfather has been gone now for 10 years and I now realize how his practical style was so effective. If I had only been able to see past my know it all attitude I could have really learned a whole lot more. He was a man who operated much like Warren Buffet. If it made sense to him he invested. If it didn’t he didn’t. How great is that.

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