Long-term Views: Embracing a Long-Term Perspective on Balance

Drew Mendoza
Drew Mendoza

We observe that one differentiating quality of multi-generational enterprising families is their tendency to take a longer term view than non-family controlled companies.  They tend to grow more incrementally.  They are often more patient in their expectations of return on capital.  And, they are often more patient with people and are rewarded with loyal employees among other benefits.

In my almost 25 year career studying and serving enterprising families, an interesting thing that has rubbed off is recognizing that while work-life balance is important, I’ve come to embrace it with a long term perspective.  Most folk I meet who profess to value work-life balance measure their sense of balance on a daily or perhaps weekly basis.  I’ve come to believe that the longer the window I use – years, rather than weeks or even months — the less stressed I am by today’s emergency.  I’m more patient with myself and those around me including my family members.

Readers from enterprising families – what’s been your experience?


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