Mixing It Up Around the Family Business Dinner Table

Chris Eckrich
Chris Eckrich

Every year at this time, the beginning of the Holiday season brings both increased opportunity for quality family time, and increased risk that mixing family and business discussions will result in added family stress.

Our souls are nourished by connecting with those we love most, and are bodies can be rejuvenated by time away from the stress of work.  

Still, many find that it is too easy to use the opportunity of family togetherness over the Holidays as a forum to hold business discussions.  There is certainly efficiency in using time together in this manner, but is it worth the risk or the cost?

Holidays are meant to create enough space to honor the most sacred days of the year.  They are a time to pull back from the mundane and reflect on the special, or even the miraculous.

The middle of a special dinner is not the time to raise an issue related to the business or enter into a potentially explosive family business discussion.  Families have found that setting aside time for business discussions throughout the year is a healthy practice, but those times and forums are best kept separate from Holiday celebrations.

Protecting these sacred family times is worth the effort.


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