Our Best Family Business Resources of 2016


A Year in Review: Our Top 15 Articles

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hr_in_the_family_business_cover_loresHuman Resources in Family Business
This new book shows how HR practices can help family firms achieve their values-driven goals as a family and a business. Filled with case studies, frameworks and practical tools, this book addresses how to successfully anticipate and manage people issues and opportunities. Details…

family-wealth-continuity-cover_lo-resFamily Wealth Continuity: Building a Foundation for the Future
Too many one-size-fits-all and elaborate continuity plans fail to take into account the idiosyncratic family factors that can interfere with continuity planning. This book explains how building the right foundation will help families implement the best continuity plans. Details…

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From Partners by Chance to Partners by Choice: Building Trust-based Partnerships with Siblings and Cousins
Discover how to think objectively about where you might improve as a partner while also striving to identify and enhance these qualities in your family partners. Details…

Introducing Teens and Young Adults to the Family Enterprise
Understand the many facets to developing capable successors to take on business challenges and leadership roles and be excited to do so in partnership with their siblings, cousins and other family members. Details…

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