Paradoxes to Inspire

John Ward
John Ward

I recently re-read an essay written some time ago by a 4th generation family business leader, Mrs. Antonia Ax:son Johnson of Sweden. In her essay – in part a “letter” to her children – she reflects on several paradoxes:

The entrepreneur’s drive to seek “both the controllable and the uncertain” are “the incompletable forces that made the company grow.”

“Think ahead and be prepared to deal with any unexpected situation that suddenly crops up.”

“We are living in a paradox: [the need to have] perspective – our ability to take the long-term view, both forward and backward.”

“If everything can be changed, nothing has lasting value.”

The more we reflect on successful people and successful family firms, the more we see and appreciate the fascinating paradoxes of life.  Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.


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