Preservation is a Pivotal Part of Modernity

John Ward
John Ward

Famed architect Rem Koolhaas – Seattle library, CCTV in Beijing, Hermitage renewal in St. Petersburg, etc. – is reputedly “the most influential architect of our age” (FT, 1/9/2011, p. 3) and a contrary, unconventional thinker and designer. One example,

“We’d always thought that preservation was somehow anti-modernistic, an opposite, but in fact it is a pivotal part of modernity.”

When asked where his contrariness and unconventional ways and paradoxical facility come from he tells of his youth in Indonesia where his father’s duty was to cement the cultures of Holland and Indonesia after WW II.  Further, he likens his father’s career as a journalist with his own as an architect, saying both are telling a story.


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