Questions Students Ask Most

by John L. Ward

For the past few years we’ve kept track of the questions most often asked by MBA students who come from business-owning families. Would you suggest any other pivotal questions?

  1. Should I join my parents’ business? Culturally, do I have a choice?
  2. When should I join the family’s business – especially if it’s a large business or large family?
  3. Can the family business fit my dreams? Can I bring my personal passions to the business?
  4. Will I be encouraged to grow the business or struggle with resistance to change?
  5. What will it be like to work with siblings? Can we have a sibling partnership based on meritocracy?
  6. How can I best engage my family in sensitive continuity planning topics?
  7. What wise tips are there for developing a business together with my spouse?
  8. What business school courses are the best to prepare me for working with my business-owning family?

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