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Kate, William and the Paradox of Governance

There’s a terrific essay in the May 1 Financial Times (“Dynastic lessons from the familial Windsor flourish,” by Simon Schama).  I paraphrase it to highlight some fun family business insights. But it’s better if you can read the essay in its full brilliance.

The British royal wedding, the author presents, reminds us of some fascinating dimensions of governance and leadership – even illustrating some of the current mid-east revolutions.

  • Dynastic leadership works when there is a balanced blend of “majestic difference” and “bourgeois familiarity”.  If it goes too far out of balance effective governance suffers.
  • Put another way, leadership draws on both the basic human need for revenue and affection.
  • This view raises the whole classic debate of whether the natural form of governance is patriarchal or representative democracy.

The author proposes the paradox of needing mystique more and more as democracy and capitalism bring less of it.