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Family Business: A Valuable Marketing Tool

Bernie Kliska
Bernie Kliska

Businesses that are family owned are increasingly marketing themselves as a “Family Business.”

Surveys indicate that people generally have a positive view of family businesses because of the principles associated with it. They tend to focus on resilience and legacy. The owners of a family business usually have a long-term incentive to protect the reputation of both the business and the family, particularly, though not exclusively, if the family name is “on the door.” This can translate into better service and integrity, which in due course could lead to higher trust and loyalty among customers.

Some of the businesses that identify themselves as a family business are: Walmart, Mars, Becktel, Cargill and Koch Industries. Koch Industries is named for its founder Fred C. Koch who formed the foundation of what eventually became the largest privately held company in the United States. Perdue Chicken always uses a family member for their television commercials. S.C. Johnson ends all of their marketing materials by stating “We are a Family Business.”

If you have a family owned business, it is something you should be proud of. This is who we are. Keep getting the word out and take advantage of your unique situation.