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Can you be a “realistic visionary” – It is possible with long term commitment and connection

John Ward
John Ward

 “Realistic Visionary”

Possible with long-term commitment and connection

Dr. Anji Reddy, founder of now second generation run Dr. Reddy Labs, is described as a visionary, yet grounded, he is a “realistic visionary.” Is that a paradox? If so, it seems resolved by combining a long-term view – for him, 10 years – with conviction and commitment. This is how his visions (often) become real.

So what was one of his realistic visions? – The company, a $1.5 billion generic drug producer in India led by his son-in law and son, provides the means to seek safe drinking water for all the villages in India. Some might say “ an unrealistic vision? “  Ah, yes, but they have reached 2 million.