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The most valuable values for smooth transitioning

David Lansky
David Lansky

In my previous blog post, I noted the “Value of Values” in the course of a family/business transition.

Two values I believe to be of particular importance to the course of a transition are Trust and Integrity.

I think of Trust as deriving from several factors:

  • Competence – Trusted parties are good at what they aspire to.
  • Honesty – They speak the truth, even when difficult to do so.
  • Intimacy – When speaking the truth they are caring and compassionate – they don’t believe in “brutal honesty.”

Integrity is a quality that is demonstrated by consistency between words and actions.

Families suffer, trust is undermined and lots of hard work is diminished when words and actions don’t match.

Family vision, family policies, and  family value statements can help to guide a smooth transition. However, a sure way to sabotage progress is to dismiss those words with careless (or uncaring) actions. Integrity means “walking the walk” –  that we act consistently with our vision of family; that we follow policies that we agreed upon; and that we are true to the values we have aspired to.

If you are managing a family/business transition how are Trust and Integrity being cultivated?