The Paradox of Success and Failure

John Ward
John Ward

We’ve recently worked with a very interesting one: We work hard to help family successors achieve success as leaders. Failure is not an option — the family and personal consequences are problematic, maybe forever. Consequently, we help families set up systems to support success (for example, the Family Human Resources Task Force) to assure good assessment feedback and helpful coaching and mentoring.¬†

On the other hand, we know of wise family leaders who profess that failure is essential to learning and future success; that assuring success rather than failure is coddling, protective — only setting up future, more¬†devestating, failure.So, how does a family seek both — failure and success in their next generation development program (as well as in their overall management culture)?We’d love to hear your views and your experience.¬†

As frequent readers of this space know, Amy Schuman and I love to explore paradoxes in the world of family business (and how business families develop the skill to live with the ambiguities of paradox).


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