Vulnerability: The birthplace of innovation, creativity and change

Anne Hargrave

Being vulnerable involves risk, exposure, uncertainty and courage. Given that Dr. Brené Brown found, in a decade of research, that vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change, for most business owning families it’s worth exploring.

We often expend exorbitant amounts of time and energy protecting ourselves so that those around us don’t see our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Family members and business owners who do the work to truly understand and appreciate each other, embracing individual imperfections as well as strengths, create a foundation for thoughtful and more effective planning for the future. Dr. Brown’s recommendations include:

  • Letting our true selves be seen by others; while it may not be comfortable its necessary
  • Being wholehearted through courage, compassion, and connection
  • Practicing gratitude and joy
  • Believing that we are enough; being kinder and gentler to ourselves and others

Check out Dr. Brown’s TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability” consider the role of vulnerability in innovation, creativity and change for your family and your business.


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