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Stephanie Brun de Pontet
Stephanie Brun de Pontet

Welcome to FBCG’s new more active (and hopefully interactive) Blog. As we transition from our monthly newsletter, to a mix of new media: sending articles to all our contacts by email, developing comprehensive webinars to dive deep on a topic, and reaching out to a broader public via this blog space – we hope to touch a wider audience, and engage folks in conversation about all things family business. In fact, in our experience a lot of issues in family business are more threatening to the business or the family when ‘things are left unsaid’ than when we grab the bull by the horns and broach the topic as adults. We hope these short communications may serve as a vehicle to facilitate ‘starting an important conversation’ for a number of our readers. In addition, we hope to provide you with fun facts, tips, or advice that can help you navigate the complex world that is the family-business overlap. As with our earlier blog, we will certainly address topics relating to education, but we will also speak to issues on governance, family meetings, family relationships, best business practices, and many others. In fact, we would welcome your input on topics you’d like to see covered here. Also, if you have a general question on which you’d like our thoughts – please feel free to post this and we will share our thoughts and offer some advice as appropriate. We genuinely hope you’ll join the conversation and help us make this a great resource for all folks involved in family enterprises.


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